We know a lot of QuoteRobot users develop with Wordpress so this week we've compiled a list of the best plugins we've seen in 2013. Here they are with links and descriptions. We hope you find something to wow that next client with!
Animated Vector Icons - LivIcons
Using some simple javascript you get animated icons for all browsers. I can see using these to create a site that feels truly "interactive" or when you want to make a call to action button standout. Either way the effect is very cool. Check out the video to see it in action.
Hide my WP
So this plugin does a few things, first off it hides the fact you've used Wordpress to develop your site, which is good for avoiding, hackers and spammers. Secondly it controls access to your PHP files meaning it can protect you from most SQL Injection and XSS attacks. This also makes worrying about vulnerabilities in your other plugins much less of an issue.

Social Stream
If you have a social media junkie client they will love this plugin. It creates a stream or feed of 15 different social media services and gives you 60 options for managing and changing the feed. I can see this plugin being a huge time saver.

GO Responsive Pricing and Comparison Tables
If you have a client that sells a service via their website this plugin will be your best friend. You can create some of the nicest looking sales tables you have ever seen in seconds flat. Check out the live demo here

iMapper - Wordpress Image Mapper & Pinner
This plugin allows you to set pins on an image to display or pop up information. I can see obvious applications for things like clothing, but how about real world scenarios like this; take a picture of a dentists office and highlight the state of the art equipment with pins or use it on a destination site to highlight the features of a rental property, guest suite or special room.