This week we're happy to roll out a few bug fixes and feature requests that you've been asking for.

###Milestone Sorting

Many of you have asked if you can re-arrange your milestones by dragging them, in the same fashion as quote line items, so we've added that feature. Simply click the multi-direction arrow next to the line item and drag it to the order you want it in.

Tip: Remember to change which week, month, or year the milestone belongs on, as the select boxes take precedence over the order the milestones.

###Email Formatting

Email formatting now uses HTML, so you can use line breaks, bold, italic, and style the text however you wish and it will keep the styles you choose when sending quotes to your clients.

###PDF Naming

Now when you send a proposal, the PDF's include the title of the proposal in the name of the file so it's easier to make sense of them.

Thanks everybody who sent in bug fixes and requests :) We're excited to be swatting them as you send them in! Feel free to comment below.