This week we rolled out our biggest upgrade since launching the new version of QuoteRobot back in November. We're really excited to show you all the improvements, based on your feature requests and bug reports.

Here's a quick summary of the release:
  • Improved Theming System (more like Tumblr, with preview ability)
  • Content Templates (prewritten proposals you can use)
  • Speed Increases (faster account loading, javascript and overall app agility)
  • New Right Panel (easier quote/invoice status updates, theme picking)
  • New Blog (using
  • New Documentation (using
  • Tons of Bug Fixes
We also tackled a bunch of bugs you had reported - things like page ordering sometimes not working, adding and editing clients, updating personal avatars, billing updates, and tons more. We've basically been knocking tasks out like crazy and now we've finally tested enough to release them to you.

### Improved Theming

Previously, you had to upload a ZIP file of HTML documents to create a new QuoteRobot theme. Now you can simply paste in an HTML document and edit online, simply saving to see your changes in the preview panel. This is a huge improvement in usability and we hope you like it.

### Content Templates

This has been one of our most requested features! Now you can save quotes as content templates for using as boilerplate proposals in future. They work complete with tags. We've uploaded a few of our own and will continue to add to the library of available pre-written proposals for you to start with.

We've added a few of the most popular proposal types so far - Wordpress Proposal, Landing Page Proposal, Magento Proposal, and others.

Do you have a proposal that you have to send often? Make a content template, or better yet, ask us to make a content template for you :)

### Speed Increased By 30%

We polished our javascript files, added some serious data caching, moved some processes to web workers and overall focused on performance improvements. We're not done with this stuff yet, but the site is running at least 30% faster on most page loads.

### New Right Panel

One of the most common points of confusion was how we had buried the quote status changer, so we made it super obvious with a new right side editor panel. Now you can change your theme, content template, and document status easily in edit or view mode.

### New Blog & Documentation

The team here released another app last week called, which is an Evernote based web site generator. We used it to build our new blog and documentation centers. Now our team can publish help documents and blog posts from their desktops, mobiles, and Evernote accounts. It's super convenient and we'll be sure to publish more helpful content for you.

I'm writing this post at the moment using Evernote on my Macbook :)

### Tons of Bug Fixes

We really got into the nitty gritty with this release and tackled a bunch of your support requests. Here's a summarized list of some of the bug fixes.
  • Nicer welcome, comment, and team invite email templates
  • Default theme is more responsive
  • Fixed rounding issues on line items
  • Fixed page ordering on client quote view web page
  • Nicer interface scrolling
  • Fixed the timeline page increment indicator
  • Better commenting on quotes and invoices
  • Fixed last edited date on quotes and invoices
  • Many more smaller fixes
### In Closing

Thanks so much for using QuoteRobot and offering your feedback. We love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below, share this post, or email us anytime.