From the Eyes of a Tech Relic

Allow me to start with an introduction:

Who We Are

I am a tech. What does that mean? It means that I put electrons on wires so that radar, computers, radios and telephones can communicate with one another (and yes, they still use wires). I can even securely configure routers and switches in a virtual network, slowing down any undesirable people from getting into your systems. But above all of that, I am a product of “Generation X"; the inventors of your world.

Where We Came From

I watched the birth of the internet, the cell phone and throughout the years, the slow and painful death of the postal system. In short, I am a relic. I’m not a tech noob, but I am a technological relic left behind from an industry that causes Gen X’ers like myself to spin tales not unlike "walking uphill in the snow both ways". However,I do have an advantage over some of my Gen X brethren: I have an extended family that not only understands today’s tech - they live within the fabric of its evolution.

Our Needs

So why am I telling you all of this? It’s simple really - the relics and technological-illiteratesneed your help.
As new technology continues to emerge, those of us that are left behind need to understand how to run our new systems so all ofyoucan stop writing programs that are backwards compatible with a Commodore 64...
The question is, with so many different platforms on the market, how are we supposed to know which one is right for us?(All you Mac users can put your hands down. I’m writing this on a PC, later to convert it to Evernote so it can be instantlypublishedto the very site you’re reading right now.)Besides, the platforms that I am referring to are not operating systems but applications and forums used on a myriad of electronic devices that can connect your television to the space shuttle.

I’m sure that we can all admit that entities like Facebook and Twitter have become the backbone communication channels through which all other social media companies rely on to spread the gospel. However, how does one distinguish the good from the STD? (that’s System Transmitted Disease by the way)when we're being constantly bombarded by relentless web advertising?
As always, word of mouth and positive reviews can go a long way. It's also a great way to get us acquainted your product when you can't afford commercial time slots during the playoffs. Thetrickis helping clients understand how impressive and useful your product really is;helping them discover the value in the product; showing them how it can become a part of their lives.

Our Suggestion

Visual aids can make your product stand out above the rest, especially when it comes to people like me who love becoming champions to your cause. Take the tutorials on Evernote and for example: The links to these sites were sent to me by someone I trust and the on-line learning tools used by these companies was simplified and interactive. Best of all, they were simplistic enough that a relic like me was able to follow along with minimal guidance from my nine year old.

We Will Remain

As a technological artifact, I have often thought of forming a support group and hiding in a cabin until the zombie apocalypse hits. But as an author, I am both bound and determined to embrace technology in order to introduce myself to the world; I just need a few more Crayola pictures than my children.